2013.....A look back

As this year winds down I wanted to look back and reflect on what happened over 2013. It has been a year of change for sure. I tried to push myself in my work and really pursue the images I want to make. Regrettably I did not spend much time submitting to magazines, contests, etc. WIth a few exceptions.

Two of my images were nominated in the professional category of the Black and White, Spider Awards. This was my first time entering into an international competition, so I was completely humbled to be nominated on my inaugural entry. 

I was featured in issue 15 of Stark Magazine for some of my architecture work. 

My image Deadwood 1 was featured at the Exposure Exhibition in New York. 

What else has changed? I dove head first into medium format film photography and I am glad I did. There is a huge list of reasons why I like it.  Image quality, better in camera capabilities, forces me to slow down and focus (pretty hard for an A.D.D. kid :-) to name a few. 

I moved out to the high plains of Colorado. Our new home is on just enough property for me to get in trouble. Santa is dropping off a couple of miniature burro's for our daughters tomorrow, Why? Why not! Ha! I have always been fascinated with horses, cows, barns....you name it. Over the years I have worked with and been friends with quite a few ranchers and dairy farmers. Probably just the kid in me still wanting to be a cowboy. This has really begun to influence my work over the past 6 months in my High Plains series.

So let's get down to what we really want to see...... the pictures!

Winter 21.

Made on a golf Course near my old home. I am always looking for simple clean landscapes. For me it has proven to be harder than you would think. However golf courses are a perfect place to find them. Clean, well maintained and free from clutter. 

Slide 11. 

This image was made in a park one afternoon just after I grabbed my daughter from school. It was a new beginning for my Slide series. I am always overwhelmed with the response to this series. A great example of shooting what you want. At the time I was making these images I was thinking to myself, "no one is going to want to see these, but they look so freakin cool".  I am glad I listened to myself and kept shooting. 

Bill Brunger, WWII Vet.

My work with WWII vets from The Blane Project has been one of the biggest accomplishments over the past year In many ways. Not only getting to know all of these great men and their families but, my comfort and skill lighting portraits. Bill has really been a big supporter with this work. More importantly a friend/ adopted grandfather too me and Mr. Bill, to my daughters. 


Resistance 11.

Resistance 11

This image is from the Resistance series. I wanted to photograph how water followed the path of least resistance down mountains and through fields etc. How ever streams and creeks are photographed A LOT. I tried to focus only on the water and let the form it takes be the star of the image. Hopefully I did this in a way that is slightly different than the usual image. 

Catalina 4

This past June we surprised my dad with a trip to Catalina island for his 60th birthday. Living in Colorado I don't often get a chance to shoot seascapes. So while we were on the trip I would get up early every morning and walk down by the shore to work. I was able to make the little mini series Catalina while I was there. Also there were some pretty good breakfast burritos sold down by the beach every morning, that helped. 

High Plains 13

This is one of the first images I made when I began working on the High Plains series. Roaming the open landscape of the high plains is a powerful experience. It is where I find myself looking too for most of my new work. 

Anderson 35

I have been sharing some work recently from my work out on the Anderson family farm. This image is one that I made of the farm during a snow storm a few weeks ago. This is probably the image that I am most proud from this year. Simple, clean and a little abstract. 


So that's it, 2013 in a nutshell (not really) it was a great year. I want to thank everyone for all the support over the past year, it really does mean a lot to  me. I hope everyone's has a great holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.